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Made of star dust, unconsciously man looked up to the stars for the primal cradle of his origin. In the depths of the great unknown, he experiences harmony, a feeling of overwhelm and awe, a vast being full of life, of which he is an integral part.

The connection to the stars and the stories behind it, is an endless magical journey of exploration. An eternal journey, through which man seeks knowledge of himself and the world, a journey of wisdom, in which he discovers the mysteries and hidden beauties of the universe that embrace us.

Stellar accommodation
in Santorini
Our Luxury Suites
Each of our rooms and suites offer intimate interiors, privacy and luxurious treats. Their design creates elegantly chic spaces that are further enhanced by the locale’s inspirational touches, capturing a vibrant spirit, soul and romance of Santorini.

Discover this modern hideaway in Santorini, inspired by the far-off stars. Specifically by the most well-known constellation in the northern sky, Ursa Major and its characteristic shape, the so-called "Arotron". Enjoy the soothing hospitality experience in a place you can pause, relax and be inspired.

Worlds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday, the Arotron offers a private, secluded stay for guests looking to unwind in a refined atmosphere.

Views That Simply
Cannot Be

Come for a secluded getaway and stay for the never-ending possibilities waiting to be discovered deep within the cliffs and pristine coastline of Santorini.

Surrounded By Lush Landscape
& Complete Privacy

Discover a luxurious escape ideally located and authentically designed to put you in the sights, sounds, and flavours that define the traditional village of Pyrgos. Our Arotron Private Suites is the ideal starting point to explore, experience and embrace the authentic spirit of Santorini.

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